Hyogo Agri Life Center

Hyogo Agri Life Center

Agri life is a new lifestyle advocated

What is "agri life"?

 Agri life is a new lifestyle advocated by Hyogo Prefecture that aims to establish closer familiarity with food and farming, while also encouraging people to have an enriched, quality life through farming experiences and interactions with agricultural, mountain and fishing communities.

About "Hyogo Agri Life Center"

 Hyogo Agri Life Center offers programs that allow residents to casually experience farm work, agricultural product processing and practical agricultural training. It also has a cafe restaurant offering lunches such as pizza and salad made with local seasonal vegetables and a direct sales store selling local agricultural products. Visitors come here in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle where they can feel closer to agriculture and enjoy food even more by engaging in farming and dining experiences. We look forward to your visit.

Experience agriculture

 Visitors can learn the importance of food and agriculture through farming experiences and interactive activities. Programs offered include a “Parent-Child Farming Experience” for parents and children to learn how to plant, harvest and cook rice, and how to cultivate tamba kurodaizu (black soybeans), a specialty of Hyogo Prefecture; a “Vegetable Cultivation Experience” for participants to learn the basics of vegetable cultivation through fun activities; and “Agricultural Product Proceeding” to learn how to process local produce.

Parent-Child Farming Experience

Rice-growing courseparents and children experience a safe and assured method of growing rice known as stork friendly farming
Tamba kurodaizu(black soybeans)cultivation courseparents and children experience cultivating black soybeans

Vegetable Cultivation Experience

Experience and learn the basics of vegetable cultivation through fun activities Harvesting of sweet corns, peanuts, tomatoes, greenhouse strawberries, etc.
Fruit Cultivation and Harvesting ExperienceEnroll in the Grape School (experience pruning, fertilizing and harvesting grapes in accordance with instructions on grape cultivation techniques) or experience plum/grape harvesting
Mushroom Harvesting ExperienceExperience shiitake harvesting from a mushroom bed and learn about mushrooms
Agricultural Product ProcessingExperience the processing of locally grown agricultural products
Satoyama Regeneration SchoolObserve nature in the forest and help regenerate the satoyama area (land at the foothills of mountains)
The processing facility “Cucina Kande”
image “Cucina Kande” is a nickname for our processing facility. The Local Agricultural Processing Group, which is organized by local farmers, produces processed agricultural products using locally grown food ingredients and also holds events for visitors to experience food processing.
 The word “cucina” means kitchen in Italian, the country where slow foods originated. The products processed at the facility are also sold at the direct sales store, Kirameki Kande.
Agricultural equipment exhibition warehouse
image The agricultural equipment exhibition warehouse displays various equipment used for farming in the past and today.
Agricultural machine rental services
 We offer rentals of agricultural machines (two-wheel tractors), and people with home gardens or those thinking of working in agriculture can rent them for as short as a day.

Learn about agriculture and put it into practice

Agri Life School

Agri Life School offers a variety of courses so that participants can learn knowledge and skills necessary for farming, according to their objectives, such as on the basics of crop cultivation, agricultural techniques, and agriproduct processing.

Enriching Life with Agriculture This course provides training for those who wish to use community farms to learn basic farming skills, and for those who wish to start farming for pleasure at community farms or in their home gardens to learn basic farming knowledge and skills.
Start Farming Agriculture This course offers comprehensive training to people who wish to work in agriculture and teaches them the knowledge and skills necessary to cultivate crops.
Organic Agriculture This course is for people who want to start growing vegetables using organic farming methods at community farms or in their home gardens. It teaches the theories of organic agriculture and conducts practical exercises in a specially prepared field.

Enjoy food

We run a direct sales store and a cafe restaurant that serves dishes using fresh agricultural products grown at Hyogo Agri Life Center or in local regions.


Agri life restaurant – five country cafe

 A stylish cafe restaurant in the Hyogo Agri Life Center. It offers lunches prepared with locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits. In the spacious cafe, visitors can enjoy menu items ranging from pizzas baked with woodchips that are produced from locally grown trees, and popular pasta and salads, to deserts with seasonal fruit. There is also an open terrace seating where visitors can enjoy a barbecue of beef from neighboring pasture-raised cows. Please enjoy a healthy menu that brings out the delicious flavors of ingredients.

Number of seats
48 (Inside tables), 30 (Outside)
Opening hours
Open every day except New Year’s (also open on Wednesdays) from 11am to 5pm.
We accept reservations made by the previous day.
*Groups that are participating in any of the programs or visiting for observation purposes on the same day must make a restaurant reservation through Hyogo Agri Life Center.

The story behind the name of the restaurant

 The name of the cafe comes from “go” (“five” in Japanese), which is associated with “Hyogo Gokoku” (the five old nations of Hyogo) and “gokokuhojo” (bountiful harvests), and “country,” referring to “countryside” and “home.” It evokes an image of the pastoral landscape in this neighborhood.

Direct sales store – Agri Market Kirameki Kande

 The store sells fresh vegetables and fruits produced by local farmers (Agri Life Local Practice Group Direct Sales Sub-Committee [including the Agri School “Working in Agriculture” course]) as well as vegetables grown at the Hyogo Agri Life Center. Processed foods such as freshly baked bread and confectionary produced at the processing facility, Cucina Kande, are also sold fresh. We look forward to your visit.

Opening hours
10am to 3.30pm: Closed on Wednesdays (when Wednesday is a national holiday, closed on the following day); the year-end and New Year holidays.

Facility Overview

Facility Overview

30-17 Kosokuno Kande-cho Nishi-ku Kobe
approx. 14 hectares
Hyogo Forestry and Rural Development Corporation oversees general management and operations and cooperates with participating organizations to carry out proposed projects.
  • ashimoka Co., Ltd./restaurant, farming experience (vegetables, mushrooms)
  • Oinokuchi Contract Farming Group/farming experience (fruit trees)
  • JA Hyogo Rokko/agricultural products processing experience, direct sales of agricultural products
  • Hyogo Agricultural Machinery Sales Co.,Ltd./agricultural machine rental, agricultural equipment exhibition


Opening hours
9am to 5pm (restaurant: 11am to 5pm)
every Wednesday, December 29 - January 3, and if Wednesday is a national holiday, the next day will be closed instead; the restaurant remains open on Wednesdays
Entrance fee
free (can park around 200 cars; parking for large buses also available)
Farming experience program
please make a reservation in advance


By bus
  • From JR Akashi station, take the Shinki Bus (for Mikiyashiro) (33 minutes), get off at Oinokuchi and walk 15 minutes
  • From the Seishin-chuo subway station, take the Shinki Bus (for Miki) (17 minutes), get off at Oinokuchi and walk 15 minutes
By car
  • From Tamatsu IC, take National Route 175 and head north for 20 minutes
  • From Miki/Ono IC, take National Route 175 and head south for 20 minutes
Hyogo Forestry and Rural Development Corporation (Public Interest Incorporated Association) Hyogo Agri Life Center 30-17 Kosokuno Kande-cho Nishi-ku Kobe Hyogo 651-2304
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